Important information about the ZOB


The central bus station in Munich was opened in 2009. The operators are the Rot Kreuz Betriebe. The surpluses generated benefit the diverse social tasks of the Munich Red Cross in the city and district of Munich. This makes the transport hub a bus station for social purposes.

Questions & Answers

Shopping, Eating and Drinking
There are numerous shops, restaurants and snack bars in the shopping arcade at the central bus station. There is also a pharmacy at the central bus station.

Waiting Room
In the terminal area between bus platforms 18 and 20, travelers can stay in the heated or air-conditioned waiting room with passenger information.

Travelers can buy tickets from the respective long-distance bus providers or directly at the ticket counters in the Munich central bus station.

Luggage can be stored in locker systems 24 hours a day.

Fees (price for 24 hours)

Small compartment (855mm x 351mm x 457mm): 3 euros

Middle compartment (855mm x 351mm x 620mm): 4 euros

Large compartment (855mm x 351mm x 945mm): 6 euros

Toilet Facilities
The toilet facilities are located at bus platform 17 and are available 24 hours a day. The usage fee is 50 cents.

Passenger Rights