Kiss & Ride

For short-term parkers and visitors, 68 parking spaces are available in the »Kiss & Ride« zone. They are located in the immediate vicinity of bus terminals 1 to 17. The entrance and exit are via Arnulfstraße 17 and Bernhard-Wicki-Straße 11. Some of these parking spaces are also covered.

Underground Car Park

There are 102 parking spaces in the underground car park. These can be used by office tenants (permanent tenants) and their business customers as well as by visitors to the ZOB and by customers of the shopping arcade.
The parking customer can access the underground car park via Bernhard-Wicki-Straße 11 and via Arnulfstraße 17. Elevators and stairs lead to level 0 (bus terminals), the shopping arcade above and the office floors.

Taxi Stand

There is also a stand for up to five taxis in the “Kiss & Ride” zone.

Parking Fees

Cars park free for the first hour when shopping in the participating shops of the ZOB (dm drugstore, Lidl, US Nails and Mary’s pharmacy) for at least 10 euros. The monthly flat rate for long-term car parkers is 166.60 euros (including 19% VAT) on account. Please send inquiries to

Bus Parking

Buses can park in the car park at Hansastraße 51-55. Outside the Oktoberfest season, the daily parking fee is € 17.00 and € 8.00 up to max. 4 hours. Payment (cash) at the food stall.
The monthly flat rate for a parking space on Hansastraße is 178.50 euros (including 19% VAT) on account. Please send inquiries to

Vehicle setting conditions for Kiss & Ride and the underground car park (German)